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Unpick your calendar stitch by stitch... until another year is over!
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Keep your days on a string with this innovative, hand-knit 'Gregor' calendar by Patrick Frey for Details. Woven into an extra-long scroll with a full calendar year, its tactile and interactive form is an artful way to keep track of time.

With each passing day, you can pull at the thread and watch it un-weave from left to right until a day has been unravelled. You are left with a tangle of thread, which can be left on the floor as a reminder of days gone by.

Gregor let's you do what has been forbidden for the longest time: Unpick your scarf stitch by stitch... until the year is over!

Concept and design by Patrick Frey and our friends over at 'details' based in Cologne/Germany.

Don't miss the lovely video!

Material: 50% CO cotton, 50% PAN polyacryl, Mounting Parts included
Dimension: 20 cm wide and 215 cm long in total (@1th of january)


Designer Patrick Frey Brand Details
Material Wool Origin Germany

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