Carvecard - Romantic Wooden Postcard by SuckUK


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This is a cool idea from our friends over at SuckUK in London. You've seen it in countless heart breaking romantic movies, the hero and his loved one carve their initials and a heart into a tree in their hometown when they are teenagers and when they return, the tree is gone and a strip mall has taken its place – or something equally heart breaking! Well, here's your chance to copy the experience without the drama and heart break of the strip mall.

This is a standard sized postcard with the exception that it's made out of lightweight and soft wood, allowing you to take your key and go to work, in the comfort of your home or office, no rain, no danger of cutting yourself with a knife, no need to get the beloved one to the tree – very very convenient, just add a stamp and off it goes…

Now don't tell us that isn't romantic!

Material: Wood (Pine)
Dimension: 6x4x0,2" or 15x11x0,5 cm


Brand SuckUK Material Wood
Origin Great Britain    

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