GEOMETRIC - Graphic Art & Pattern Fonts by Kapitza


Pattern power for Mac and PC!
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With the Kapitza pattern font collection, you can design patterns as easily as you type.

Kapitza gives every letter on the keyboard carefully coordinated pattern components. You choose the desired font size, character spacing, colors and line spacing to effortlessly generate countless varieties of patterns for graphic, interior or textile design.

Each of the 100 pattern fonts on the CD offers you oodles of design possibilities. One of the toughest decisions the publishers had to make in recent months was which patterns to put in the book to pique your curiosity.

Curious about your patterns by Kapitza!

320 pages with 132 colour and 132 black and white font-generated patterns, a 40-page pattern tutorial in German and English and a CD for Mac and PC with 100 Kapitza pattern fonts for copyright-free private use.

Dimension: 18 x 24 cm
Rhythm-bound booklet with asymmetrical fold in American poster jacket


Designer Kapitza Brand Hermann Schmidt Verlag
Origin Germany    

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