One Year Of White Pages - Notebooks by Nava Milano


12 Miniature Moleskin-like booklets.
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This is definitely one of our favorite products here at C&M and it's also one of your favorites!

If you are not sure what we are talking about, read on and meet our favorite accessory:

Think Moleskine in appearance and quality, but you get a stack of 12, beautifully tied up in a small little package, each one with an oh so smart hole punched into it, so you can differentiate the months and keep track of your doodles, thoughts, or track your lists and see whether you've acheived what you proclaimed slightly intoxicated on New Years eve...

Each 'One Year Of White Pages' - Notebook by Nava Milano - has roughly 80 pages, is 9 cm wide and 13 cm tall, so we don't want to hear anything about it being too big for you to carry around, this is a perfect size for any bag or any suit for that matter.

The only thing is that we don't have tons of them, so hurry, these little beauties might be gone before you know it...


Brand Nava Milano Origin Italy

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