Krizzl | Charles & Marie Shop for Design
A piece of white paper and a clear iPhone-Cover- that´s the simple idea of KRIZZL. You only need a pen for sketching and you already have an individual cover for your digital companion... A set of Krizzl comprises a transparent iPhone Cover and a 40 sheet DIN A5 note pad with a dye-cut forming in an iPhone outline perforated into each sheet. Any sudden burst of creativity can be captured in doodle right to the edge of the cover. The cutout is easy to separate from the sheets and placed inside of the case. Finally, you just clip the case over the back of your iPhone. KRIZZL comes in an environmental friendly cardboard package with a lovingly wrapping. The cover illustration is also found on the first page of the note pad. So there is a starting KRIZZL in every set. The iPhone hasn´t lost its reputation as the best looking smart-phone, but its popularity has reduced its individuality. KRIZZL offers an alternative to these mass produced designs with your own personal illustration or sketch: The lipstick kiss of your girlfriend, your personal train timetable, the first sketches of your children. KRIZZL doesn´t just protect your iPhone, but also avoids any problems of mistaken identity KRIZZL is a coproduction of the cologne based agencies halfmann-mennickheim and elastique.