SWITCH - Bluetooth SPEAKER by Native Union


Designed to be used vertically or horizontally – just SWITCH it.
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SWITCH by Native Union is a 3 way portable Bluetooth® speaker; portable Bluetooth® speaker, conference call unit and mobile phone charger that allows users to wirelessly enjoy an unmatched sound quality experience. Easily pairs wirelessly to your Bluetooth® devices.

SWITCH is powered by three speakers, including an active sub-woofer, that reproduces high fidelity sound and an enhanced bass-reflex system that enriches the low frequencies. The speaker was designed by professional sound engineers to ensure exceptional sound and optimal clarity throughout the frequency range.
  • Professional Conference Call Unit - A professional conference call solution allows you to take calls hands-free or in a group. The full-duplex microphone ensures clarity of voice, perfect for use with VoIP applications and video calling.
  • Mobile Phone Charger - SWITCH is perfect for when on the go, as it features a battery (1800mAh) that acts as a portable phone charger to charge your USB mobile devices. It can effortlessly alternate between music and calls for up to 14 hours at a time.
  • Portable Bluetooth ® Speaker - Wirelessly enjoy your music , movies and games. SWITCH is powered by three speakers, ensuring optimal sound quality whatever your music taste and take calls from over 30 feet away from your Bluetooth ® devices.
  • Award Winning Design - The SWITCH features an intuitive volume wheel , inspired by the hi-fi audio systems. SWITCH has received widespread recognition by winning numerous awards from the global design community.
Technical Features:
  • Custom tuned for exceptional audio clarity
  • High performance bass and sub-woofer
  • Portable power bank - recharge your device anywhere
  • Plays up to 14 hours of music
  • Full duplex microphone with conference call function
  • Navigate your device while talking
  • Use vertically or horizontally - you decide
  • Perfect for VoIP applications
Dimension: 19 x 7 x 7 cm HxWxD


Brand Native Union Origin Hong Kong

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