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Who ever has prepared dishes with boiled lobster knows that the use of a good knife is no superfluous luxury. To halve a lobster, it is necessary to use great force on the knife and most knives are simply not resistant to this pressure.

The knives wear out quickly or even break during this practice. Royal VKB introduces the Lobster Knife especially for this function.

The Lobster Knife is a knife with curved blade that follows your movement while cutting and thus divides the force optimally. In this 'tool' three functions are brought together: cleavage, cutting & cracking.
The First two functions can blend together in a smooth hand movement. The cracking of the head, carcase and legs can be done directly with the same knife.

Material: Molybdenum / vanadium steel
Dimension: 35.9 x 9.1 x 2.5 cm


Brand Royal VKB Origin Netherlands

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