Bar10der - BAR-TOOL / The Barkeeper's Swiss Army Knife


The 'Swiss Army Knife' for the barkeeper!
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The Bar10der is the first and only 10-in-1 bartending tool or cocktail swiss army knife.

The Bar10der allows you to bring the bar home so you can mix up your favorite cocktails and mocktails whenever the mood strikes. With the Bar10der, all you have to do is blow the dust of those old cocktail recipes and then voilà! You can become a natural bartender.

It is like a Swiss army knife on steroids!

Packed with 10 essential bar-tending tools in one sleek design, it makes it easy to mix, create and serve a perfect drink. So you can bring your favorite cocktail bar or fancy pub (seen as there are a lot of them nowadays) into your own living room. Cheers to that.


When it comes to hosting a party or mixing drinks while on the go at a party the Bar10der is your knight in shining armour. You’ll be able to whip together the cocktails you and your friends love to enjoy, but never thought you could recreate. Plus, the 10-in-1 compact design makes it simple to use and store. So you can definitely ensure you mates will be impressed by your exquisite cocktail making skills.


Brand Bar10der Origin Great Britain

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