Jigger Cube by Josh Owen


Shaken, not stirred...
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Here at the C&M HQ, we like a good cocktail and there is always a reason to mix something up. But when it comes to the measuring part, that's when we realize why some people are mix masters and we are only beginners, nothing more.

But with Josh Owen's Jigger Cube, we can now slowly nudge our way into the realm of the mix masters, as there is no easier tool to create the perfect drink. It's a breeze to go through even the hardest of combinations for the most complex concotions, as every side holds a different amount needed for any recipe, just turn the cube and add the booze. At 3"x 3"x 3" (7,5 x 7,5 x 7,5 cm) there's also no smaller tool, as the 6 sides of the cube provide the most space effective combination possible. And because it is cast Aluminum it also feels great in your hand.

Now, let's get back to that question: Shaken or stirred?


Designer Josh Owen Brand Kikkerland
Origin USA    

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