KERAMIKUS - Set of CERAMIC KNIVES by Art Lebedev Studio


Keramikus - knives that will never oxidize!
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Keramikus - designed by Russian Studio Art Lebedev - is a family of kitchen knives made of black ceramic and fitted with faceted handles. The family consists of three knives of various size, shape and purpose: 'Vegetus' for paring, 'Usubus' for slicing and chopping and 'Shefus' - the chef’s knife.

Made of zirconium dioxide ceramics, Keramikus knives blade is super sturdy. Keramikus knives will never oxidize or rust and they don’t encourage bacteria growth. They can’t be damaged by aggressive cleaning detergents, are non-toxic and easy to care for.
  • Chef’s knife - Shefus, a universal chef’s knife, 200 mm (7,9″) blade
  • Usuba - Keramikus Usubus for slicing and chopping vegetables, 185 mm (7,3″) blade
  • Paring knife - Keramikus Vegetus for peeling fruit and vegetables, 98 mm (3,8″) blade

Just like regular knives, Keramikus can cut through everything, though we don’t recommend to use them to chop frozen products and bones, scrape or shave hard surfaces. To keep the blade sharp, it is best to use wooden or plastic cutting boards.


Brand Art Lebedev Studio Origin Russia

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