Goldfish Trash Bags by SuckUK


Trash bags on C&M? Absolutely if the are from Wieden & Kennedy!
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We made quite the splash when we introduced trash bags to C&M. It was an unusual proposition, a trash bag is usually not C&M material, but you loved them, so we decided to bring them back!

They are designed by the creative whizzes at Wieden & Kennedy – whom you might know from their amazing work for Nike – and its premise is simple: Why must trash bags look so, well, trashy? A black plastic bag, a yellow or red tie string and that’s it…

Well, these are altogether different: They are your standard large size trash bag (Bag capacity is approximately 70 liters.), super extra sturdy, come in a box of 12, but it’s the fact that they are printed to look like a bag that contains goldfish that makes them pretty amazing. And every box contains a dozen bags to make your trash collector’s day a bit brighter and your street look a bit nicer on collection day.

Oh, and they are fully recyclable of course, made by epi the leader of oxo-biodegradable plastic additive technology…


Designer Wieden & Kennedy Brand SuckUK
Origin Great Britain    

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