InsideOut Collection Liqueur Glass Set


Here it is, the second glass in what became a series of 4 glasses today.
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Well hello there! After the wonderful and unexpected success of the InsideOut Collection Champagne glasses we've been introducing the second in a series of 4 designed BY:AMT and it was a liqueur glass. Whether you prefer a sip of Port or a sip of Genever or maybe an extra dry Sherry, this is the perfect glass for the vast array of liqueurs that need this type of shape to properly expose its bouquet and enhance the experience.

BY:AMT was formerly known as AlissiaMT, and should be known to all of you design aficionados out there for her wonderful collection of 'diamond' rings and her unique nested appetizer plates 'A Handful of Plates'.

The InsideOut Collection of barware turns the common knowledge of what a drinking glass should look like on its head. In BY:AMT's collection of barware, the well known and oftentimes iconic shapes of glasses are hidden behind a neutral and discreet outer shape, unassuming and simple. But once you pour the drink, the glass' inner identity appears creating an unusual and highly fascinating effect.

The glasses are all mouth blown, are 1.5" wide and 4.75" high (4 x 12 cm) and come in a set of 2.


Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew Brand Charles & Marie
Material Borosilicate glass Origin USA

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