PopMat - Placemats (Set of 10) by Lian Ng for Publique Living


Simply Stunning Place mats
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We found these a while back and they are so unbelievably adorable that we immediately fell in love with them! What are they you ask?

Easy: pop-out place mats. Think of them, as place mats with a name card built in, cool, no? We simply adore them! They are made out of a beautiful, fiber rich paper, 33 x 43 cm in size and available in different wonderful colors. And because it is obviously post consumer waste paper, it's also very fibrous and thick – we love it!

Six variations are available and all have a designated space to put the name. A set comes with 10 place mats and all you have to do is pop them out and fold them up, done, that's it.

Not quite actually, you still have to conjure up a fab dinner to go alongside these fab place mats!


Designer Lian Ng Brand Publique Living
Origin USA    

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