String Of Pearls Trivet by Konstantin Slawinski


28 porcelain pearls make the most ingenious trivet!
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A string of white porcelain pearls, designed to protect any table, by keeping hot pots, pans or plates a good inch and a half away from the table top or tray surface. Not your typical little trivet or stand, but definitely an amazingly well working one. The beauty lies in the flexibility: Do you have a small pot? No problem, just create 2 circles and all is good. A big dutch oven? No problem, one big oval solves it. 2 pots? Well, just create an eight and you're done... So pretty nifty in our opinion.

28 porcelain pearls about three feet long (90 cm) and an inch and a half high (3 cm) make the most ingenious trivet we have seen in a long time...

And if you are looking for a really really big necklace, you could, well – ok, maybe not...

Design: Adam + Harborth
Material: 28 porcelain pearls each 3cm in diameter
Dimension:  28 x Ø 3cm


Designer Adam & Harborth Brand Konstantin Slawinski
Origin Germany    

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