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'Talking' will bring a smile to your table...
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You know that we are suckers for cute table top accessories. No? Didn't know that? Never mind us then, just continue:

Salt and pepper shakers come a dime a dozen and we have quite a few that we like ourselves, but these made us grin when we saw them.

Basically they are shaped like little cups, only they have a mouth attached on the side. The mouth is obviously the spout where the salt, pepper and soy sauce comes out, but you might wonder what's so funny about them.

Well, as you can see the mouth has a different shape on each container and that's because they are shaped in the form of the character 'shi' for shio (salt) and 'ko' for koshou (pepper) and 'yu' for shoyu (soy sauce).

Who knew you could have a quick language lesson during your mealtime!

Design: Nendo
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 5 x 6,5 cm DxH

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