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Our favorite T's at the moment. Beautiful graphics, great color schemes and the softest fabric...
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We are in love. Nothing unusual there, but it’s a T-shirt brand that we are in love with, and that’s pretty unusual. And to make things worse, it’s not just one T-shirt, but a whole series of them, designed by Turk & Taylor – a boutique fashion upstart here in San Francisco – that has simpy taken us by storm.

Now what’s so special about their shirts? Well, not just are they organic American Apparel cotton, sooo soft that it feels like the smoothest T you'll ever wear. And they are hand screened in local shops to exact specifications quality levels and they are batch dyed to their exact color specs using environmentally friendly dyes. But what makes them really outstanding is that they are simply amazingly pretty. Beautiful graphics, beautiful color schemes, witty placement, tiny runs – it’s all very nicely done and that’s hard to find these days!

So we're in love, what else can we say?

Oh, and the cut is American Apparel, so the shirt is snug.

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