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Finally a great solution to tame your cables!
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This is so brilliant, finally a smart way to tame your cables!

We all have cables sitting around somewhere that either aren't straight or constantly fall down or need to be hiding; yet they always pop up. Sound familiar? Consider it done, because the good guys over at Bluelounge offer the amazing CableDrop. An idea so simple yet so incredibly effective that it blows our mind. The CableDrop is a set of 6 (Standard size) cable holders that either comes in 2 mixed color ways, in all Black or all White. Black & White is also available in a new "Mini Size" and comes in a set of 9 then.

You simply stick them down with the peel off adhesive. Done. Thread through the cable and never worry about it again, it won't fall down it won't budge, it's down.

A brilliant idea, that comes either in a set of muted or bright colors, complementing your environment or in simple Black and White. 

Now start organizing…

Adhesive: Permanent - can be repositioned when first applied but becomes permanent over time.
Standard: 3 x 1,5 cm or 1.14” x 0.6” DxH
Mini: : 2 x 1 cm or 0.8” x 0.4” DxH


Brand Bluelounge Origin USA

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