Cool Feet - Laptop Feet by Bluelounge


Sometimes we just find a contraption where we wonder why nobody has thought about this earlier…
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Cool feet are 4 small 'feet' with suction cups at the end. Or actually, they are suction cups in the size of small 'feet' that attach to the bottom of your laptop, allowing the heat to be dispersed properly. Why is that smart you might ask? Well for starters angled keyboards are more ergonomic than a flat one and a raised laptop protects your furniture from any heat damage… But the kicker is that when laptops release their excess heat, they become faster! And isn't speed something we all want in our machines?

The feet come in two heights, giving you a multitude of options to come up with the right height for your use. And if you need to move, no problem, they are suction cups remember? Just pop them off and into the provided pouch that comes with them…

Pretty cool… pun intended…


Brand Bluelounge Origin USA

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