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Space Invaders - a cult since more than 30 years...
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Nope, no matter how hard we try, we are still not sick of Space Invaders.

Now you can show that you’re an Invaders fanatic with these cool Space Invaders tags you can hang on all your stuff.

Created by our friends from LaTeteAuCube (the same guys who made the excellent Space Invaders door mat we sold years ago), these colorful aliens are perfect hung from a bookbag, keychain, zipper or anywhere you want to show that you’re a member of the 80s Invaders’ cult.

Here's some background info in case of anybody not being in the know:
"Space invaders" is a video game created by Taito in 1978, probably the most famous and influential of all time.
The space invaders characters looking like cephalopods (squid, octopus) have become cult, haven't aged a wrinkle and have in fact become younger...

The little invaders come in a pack of 3 - color and style mixed by coincidence.


Brand LaTeteAuCube Origin France

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