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The lightest headband headphones we have seen
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When we first saw these headphones from the great guys over at IDEA in Japan, we were sold. Had to have them. Like, right on the spot. Why? Well, because they simply rock:

They weigh nothing – well almost nothing, sound fabulous (rich and juicy lows, crisp highs), look amazing (two spheres and one super thin flexible connector), sit perfectly in the ear and last but not least have a fantastic price.

The beauty is how the spheres sit so effortlessly in the ear and have this great sound and because of the headband they feel like air. They obviously don’t have the noise canceling ability as your average in ear headphones do, but then again, they feel completely different and that’s what we love about them.

So, with that said, get your hands on them, we only have a limited number of them left in stock... and once they sell out, we won’t get more.



Brand IDEA International Origin Japan

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