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More than a speaker... More than a handset... More than a speakerphone!
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The MONOCLE loudspeaker by Native Union is not just one thing; Speaker, handset and speakerphone that allows you to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way - however and wherever you are.

You can transform your handset into a speaker, or daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create the best listening experience. MONOCLE, your smartphone companion.
  • MORE THAN A SPEAKER: MONOCLE is a high quality speaker to listen to your music on the go. Hold it up to your ear like a headphone or simply twist the wheel to turn it into a compact boom box. For those party moments, daisy-chain up to 10 MONOCLES to create a more social listening experience.
  • MORE THAN A HANDSET: With a full duplex enabled microphone, the MONOCLE provides clarity of voice, allowing you to take calls and navigate your device at the same time. MONOCLE is also compatible with voice recognition. Branch up to 2 devices to share calls and music discretely.
  • MORE THAN A SPEAKERPHONE: A new way to answer your calls hands-free. Conference calls can be made with multiple MONOCLE users allowing for more than one person to listen in privately, or easily share a call on loudspeaker mode.
Technical Features:
  • Full duplex enabled microphone
  • High quality audio from up to a meter away
  • 5 hour playback time (speaker mode)
  • 5 hour talking time (speakerphone mode)
  • 40mm driver, ensuring optimal sound to listen to your music on the go
  • Cable management system to find your perfect cord length
  • Navigate your device while talking
  • Perfect for VoIP applications
  • Soft-touch rubberised finish


Brand Native Union Origin Hong Kong

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