Koffski #2 - Junior Wallet by Koffski


This is the junior version of the brand new wallet/multi use bag from Koffski
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This is the junior version of the grown up Koffski – think along the lines of James Bond = Koffski, Jesse James = Koffski Junior. It all depends on how you prefer your leather... So here's the question again: You've got your wallet in your back pocket, your change in your right front pocket, your mobile in your left and where do you put the keys? You could always opt for the manbag, the infamous accessory from the seventies or grab a fanny pack, that will make you look like a lost tourist.

The alternative is called Koffski. The Koffski offers customised design in a thoroughly practical form and is extremely comfortable to wear. This bag for men (we know, an odd thought) is reminiscent of a gun holster and has room for a wallet, your mobile, a bunch of keys, your Montblanc pen, enough documents to have you travel once around the globe and plenty of credit cards to pay for your Martinis (shaken obviously...).


Brand Koffski Material Leather
Origin Germany    

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