GUNS IN ROSES - HAND SOAP GUN by Donkey Products


Hand Gun? No, Hand Soap!
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Some of our products are geared towards the ladies, others are more for the gentlemen. This one is for the boys!

What can we say, sometimes we like being boys and boys have guns and run around chasing each other with them, you might disapprove, but it’s simply that way.

Here’s a variation of the theme in the shape of a hand soap as a hand gun by Donkey Products. Can’t you just see it already? You’re washing your hands, notice the guy i the mirror and want to see who has the faster draw... It’s made for that! Brilliant!

Just don’t forget to wash your hands...

Now whilst we generally condone guns, we won’t neglect to tell you that this one is 14 cm × 9,5 cm × 2,5 cm or 5.5” x 3.7” x 1” and has a subtle scent of either honey (white) or roses (pink)...


Brand Donkey Products Material Soap
Origin Germany    

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