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Here's the follow up to the fabulous Gorgeous Helen
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You know that we adore the Gorgeous Helen lampshades because they turn every wineglass into an instant lampshade, and now the ladies at Dekoop have launched another bestseller:

The Citylight is a vellum lampshade that slides over a laser cut metal city scape, inside sits a votive candle and voila, you have a perfect reflecting city, creating a wonderful mood on any table inside or out.

The set comes complete with the base, 2 vellum shades and the city scape in a cute little box. And the best part of it, you can choose from a series of cities: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich - the designers are German after all – but there's also a small international selection which currently consists of London, Paris, New York and Zurich – hopefully more will be added soon...


Brand Dekoop Origin Germany

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