Evolution Eraser by Hiroyuki Shiratori for +d


Follow the iconic trail of evolution...
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Follow the iconic trail of evolution with this fun, two-sided eraser. One end depicts our ancient monkeylike ancestor and the other a modern human.

The Evolution Erasers look like they’re morphing from ape to man and back again right before your very eyes. We doubt we’ll ever get around to using our erasers though, because they are truly a beauty to behold.

The eraser can also be sliced into segments to expose the different developmental stages.

It all adds up to more than just a theory about how to correct mistakes.

Erasers sold individually.
Design: Hiroyuki Shiratori
Material: Non-PVC plastic
Dimensions: approx. 6 x 3 x 5,4 cm


Designer Hiroyuki Shiratori Brand +d
Origin Japan    

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