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Don't like diamond rings? Have a pearl ring!
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What can we say, Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew simply created a whole new category when she launched her quintessential 'diamond' rings.

You don't like diamonds? Strange but here is your alternative: The Pearl Ring

Precision laser cut out of Acrylic in an abundance of colors they can be worn as a single, but we prefer them stacked. Take 2 colored ones and add a black one in the middle, it's all up to you, play with them until you've found your favorite combination.

Or do the opposite, don't ever wear the same combination twice, there are so many variations that you can create, virtually limitless... And even though it might not be a 'real' pearl ring, if you ask anybody to draw a pearl ring from the side – this is exactly what they will draw.


Size 5 - 16 mm
Size 6 - 16,5 mm
Size 7 - 17,5 mm
Size 8 - 18 mm
Size 9 - 19 mm

If you are wondering what size you need, click click here, most international sizes are provided.


Designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew Brand BY:AMT
Origin USA    

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