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Definitely not your ordinary mug by SuckUK– some can't even be used as such -– they are a perfect little collectors set. 

What can we tell you about them –well, there are 4 types (Sorry only two left!):

The first is for the office golfer, it has a slight flat spot, this way it can sit perfectly level on the floor and the chance of you drowning one is a lot higher than with a round one.

Numero due is for the closet smoker; you quit and threw away all your ashtrays, yet every once in a blue moon you feel like lighting up a stogie. This mug comes handy, it looks like a normal mug, and so it won't show in your cabinet as an ashtray, the bottom is slightly recessed, so it actually looks like an ashtray from the top.

The third one is for those who don't want to invest in a milk carafe but need one every once in a while when mom comes by… It's a perfect mug, with a small little spout, perfect when you need to appear that you have it all under control and milk comes in its own vessel…

And lastly, the muggy bank – can't really call it a piggy bank can you now – this one is for all of you who use a mug to store all your loose change. Except, it is closed, so if you want to get to your stash for a late night bodega run, well, say good-bye to the mug or reconsider the bodega…


Brand SuckUK Origin Great Britain

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