East meets West by Yang Liu


Chinese vs. Western Cultures
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Whether in the countdown to the 2008 Olympics or in the daily glance at the [business] pages of the paper: China is on people’s minds.

On the one side, there are rapid economic growth, market opportunities and low wages, on the other copyrights and human rights, freedom of opinion and Tibet. Yet mostly in China we encounter a culture that we do not understand. Manager and cultural guides to the awakening dragon are springing up like mushrooms and yet the books are not always able to get to the point of the differences in the mentalities, values and Weltanschauung in east and west.

Yang Liu is familiar with both worlds. Born in Beijing in 1976, she moved to Berlin at the age of 13. After studying art, she worked as a graphic designer in Singapore, London, Berlin and New York. Her works have received a number of international awards and been exhibited internationally.

She uses simple pictograms to compare the differences in the Chinese and the Western cultures: knowledgeably and using a successful blend of respect, humor and depth. This makes her slim book not only ideal for traveling preparations and as a perfect present for hosts, but also as the basis for an east-west dialogue.

Content: 100 pages Cloth-bound with colour embossing in two different bindings in blue and red cloth
Size: 13 × 13 cm


Designer Yang Liu Brand Herrmann Schmidt Verlag
Origin Germany    

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