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Wooden cutting boards come with laser engraved illustrations...
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Here's a cute addition to your kitchen. Each wooden board by Olze & Wilkens for Hamburg based Designbrand 'Pension für Produkte' comes with a different laser engraved illustration that is positioned according to the natural grain of the wood creating a whimsical little scene.

Prior to the engraving process each board is evaluated by the designers to determine the ideal position for any of the different illustrations and which will have the best fit. Then they are hand positioned and sent to the laser engraving process after which they are oiled and ready to ship.

This way not a single board will be identical in terms of the positioning of the illustration, creating a beautiful presentation when they are used together. The wood used for the board is Acacia and it is simply oiled. The boards come in three sizes: small breakfast boards, medium cutting boards and extra large serving boards.

Care instructions: Please oil before initial use and oil regularly (i.e. olive oil). Not dishwasher safe.

Design: Olze & Wilkens
Material: Acacia oiled, laser engraved
Size Small: 6.1" x 9" x .4" (15,5 x 23 x 1 cm)
Size Large: 9" x 13" x .6" (23 x 34 x 1,5 cm)
Size XLarge: 7" x 18" x .4" (18 x 45 x 1 cm)


Designer Olze & Wilkens Brand Pension für Produkte
Material Acacia Origin Germany

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