Bent-Nail BOTTLE OPENER | Brendan Ravenhill | Areaware Walnut


A most excellent and simple bottle opener...
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We say it all the time: The best ideas are the simple ones! It’s a bottle opener made out of wood, a nail and 2 magnets and it's genius.

A piece - designed by Brendan Ravenhill for Areaware - of either beech or walnut is skillfully carved to perfectly follow the shape of your hand; a nail is inserted in the front and bent 90 degrees; lastly 2 magnets are placed in just the right spot and there you have it, an amazingly simple bottle opener.

OK, not really that simple, a standard nail would turn and come out, the magnets hold the bottle cap when opening or make the opener adhere to the fridge when not in use, and yes, the wood is gorgeous, but other than that, it is brilliant!

Design: Brendan Ravenhill
Material: Beech Wood or Walnut with and without colored ends
Dimension: 12 x 4 x 2 cm or 4.5 x 1.5 x .75 inches


Designer Brendan Ravenhill Brand Areaware
Material Walnut Origin USA

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