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Cute as hell little dividers for your books
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If you love books just as much as we do, then you'll have a vast selection of all kinds of literature, from the obscure to the factual, the weird to the romantic and so on. How do you keep track of all your topics that are undoubtedly all in one shelf? You'll need dividers, right? Right! That's where this goodie comes in.

3 lovely divider sets, always front and back shaped either like a Giraffe, a Deer or a little Piggy. Just slide them between your books and within an instant it looks as if the little guys are peeping out of or disappearing into, your books...

Lovely, just lovely...

Design: Hiroshi Sasagawa
In the box: 2 Indexes per package (front and back of animal)
GIRAFFE: Head: 21.5cm W x 30.7cm H / Tail: 15.6cm W x 19.5cm H.
REINDEER: Head: 18.6cm W x 21.7cm H / Tail: 20cm W x 21.3cm H.
PIG: Head: 19.5cm W x 18.4cm H / Tail: 16cm W x 19.5cm H.


Designer Hiroshi Sasagawa Brand +d
Origin Japan    

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