Book Rest Lamp by SuckUK


A fantastic bed side lamp with integrated bookmark...
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2 years before the launch we saw this lamp for the first time, and now it is finally available! This is one of these wonderful designs that just can’t be improved. What is it? A bedside lamp that doubles as a bookmark, well, sort of…

But seriously, it’s truly a lamp that emits a lovely glow due to the frosted material, and when you are done reading your book in bed, just lie it on the lamp, the book now becomes the ‘roof’ and you’ll know exactly where you left off tomorrow evening…

Simply brilliant!

Design: Lee Sang Gin
Size matters: 150 mm high, 150 mm wide, 110 mm deep (5.9" x 5.9" x 4.3")


Color White Brand SuckUK
Origin Great Britain    

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