Centipede Organizer by Siebensachen


Hundreds of little bristles keep all your pertinent information in reach and in order…
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Are we organizing freaks? Well who isn't somewhat obsessed with organizing and structure? Especially in today's hectic and unorganized world who doesn't like a moment of tranquility and calm. No we aren't referring to yoga, that's a different kind of calm...

We are talking about the plain and simple beauty of knowing where things are when you need them. Ok, that might be a little too testosterone driven and from Mars, but honestly who wouldn't appreciate a little organizational assistance? Well this product does just that.

At first sight nothing but an element attached to the wall. The exterior is anodized aluminum, comes in a handful enticing colors and the base is Oak. But what's the layer in the middle? The layer in the middle is what makes this so special... It is comprised of thousands of little bristles that make up 100 tiny brushes that in turn hold anything in place that you shove in between the top and the bottom. Make it the go to place for the delivery service menus, or the temporary photo holding dock, or use it for the daily mail, to remind you of birthdays, whatever comes to mind, the Centipede will definitely hold anything that's thin and can squeeze between the two halves...

So whether you opt for vertical or horizontal orientation we don't care, as long as you have a spare 75 x 6,5 cm (29" x 2.5") to offer, you are ready to get organized...


Designer Adam + Harborth Brand Siebensachen
Material Germany    

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