Duell - Money Box by ding3000 for Konstantin Slawinski


Taking competitive saving to another level
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You know the traditional piggy bank of yore, whether a piggy or something else, there's little incentive, as you are saving for yourself basically. 'Why don't we put a spin on this?' is what the great guys over at Konstantin Slawinski must have thought and just came out with their new competitive piggy bank.

Basically it's a half circle, made out of white porcelain, and the red band is made out of silicone. Inside are two compartments and when you put a coin into the right one, it tilts to that side. Put one into the left and it levels out again. Once you can't stand the battle anymore, just remove the silicone band and have the easiest access ever to all your savings.

Now whether you save in a competitive spirit or simply for 2 different things is entirely up to you, but the result is immediately visible.

Ready, Get Set, GO!

Size: 15 x 6 x 9 cm BxTxH


Designer ding3000 Brand Konstantin Slawinski
Material Porcelain & Silicone Origin Germany

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