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Animal-shaped baskets with hand painted fluo details...
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What are these animals doing in the kitchen?

As part of the animal baskets collection from Seletti, they make the perfect display for your fruits or vegetables. A whale along with a hen, a rabbit and a pig... it will bring a bit of whimsy to your table or countertop while keeping things neat and tidy. Each basket has a minimal, yet sturdy, frame body while some details are highlighted in brightly colors.

The basket opening allows for easy access, while the armature-style design camouflages it. A pop of color in select places subtly defines the form and creates a fantastical conversation piece.

An imaginary domestic zoo that seems to sort-out from a fairy-tale, for a table setting suspending between reality and fantasy.

Material: varnished metal
Design: Valentina Carretta / F A B R I C A
  • Elephant approx. 60x39x51 cm or 23.6"x15.4"x14" WxHxD
  • Pig approx. 50x23x27 cm or 19.7"x9.1"x10.6" WxHxD
  • Rabbit approx. 38x19,5x39 cm or 15"x7.7"x15.4 WxHxD
  • Whale approx. 50x26x29,5 cm or 19.7"x10.2"x11.6" WxHxD
  • Hen approx. 40x25 h. 35,5 cm or 15.8"x9.8"x14" WxHxD
  • Penguin approx. 23x20x40,5 cm or 9.1"x7.9"x15.9" WxHxD


Designer Valentina Carretta Brand Seletti
Origin Italy    

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