Honeycomb - Lampshade by Kyouei Design White


A delicate paper lampshade sure to light up any room.
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Light, or lack thereof, is directly linked to one’s mood. This 'Honeycomb' lampshade - by Kyouei Design from Japan - takes a truly unique approach to lighting and—dare we say it - leaves old, tired lampshades in the dark.

The delicate design opens like a book into a honeycomb pattern that’s held together with small clips in the back. Once unfolded, it presents a soft-yet-stable paper lamp that has its own aura of architecture. It comes without any wiring or bulbs, so all you'll need to do is add a bulb and a cord and you’re set.

It’s gorgeous, unique and special enough to change our moods entirely.

Good to know: Neither suspension nor socket are included in the package - sorry!
Design: Kyouei Design, Japan
Dimensions: W 30 cm × D 30 cm × H 45 cm


Brand Kyouei Design Origin Japan

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