DUSTBLADE & BROOM by Ole Jensen for Normann Copenhagen


The good guys at Normann are continuously churning out beautiful everyday products – and this dustblade is another great example.
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Ole Jensen got the idea to design a dustpan from his everyday work in his workshop. He always used a newspaper in one hand and a broom in the other to sweep up the dust and dirt with. The idea for a dustpan which was both functional and aesthetic was inspired by the simplicity of the newspaper.

The dustpan is in all its simplicity constructed from a piece of flat plastic, shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. The broom is designed to fit perfectly with the dustpan. The Dustpan & Broom can be hung on the wall by means of a hole in the dustpan. The broom is made of wood and natural bristles and combines traditional craftsmanship and modern production, ensuring durability and a simple expression of design.
Ole Jensen elaborates: “Dust and dirt have a habit of constantly showing up – it never goes out of date. This product is an example of how design can be a language that transcends both time and cultures. The combination of plastic, wood and natural bristles makes the Dustpan & Broom very little susceptible to changing trends.”

This iconic product is an excellent example of Ole Jensen's minimalist approach to making everyday life extraordinary through good design. The Dustpan & Broom won the Formland prize in 2002.

Material: Dustpan: Polypropylene. Broom: Beech with natural bristles
Size: H: 32 x L: 24 cm


Designer Ole Jensen Brand Normann Copenhagen
Awards Formland design prize 2002 Origin Denmark

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