OBLIQUE - VASE by Gen Suzuki Gray | Large


Your eyes are taken for a spin with this vase.
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We really don't like to be patient at all, especially when it comes to new products. We saw the 'Oblique' vases by Gen Suzuki years ago for the first time when we were at 100% Design in London.

At that time Gen Suzuki was making them himself, but had just secured a manufacturer and when we were in Milan the following year, we saw them in production and were so excited, because they are one of the most intriguing vases that we have seen for the longest time.

What's the fuss about? These oblique vases play a great trick on you, because they look like they are truly big and dimensional, when they are actually really thin. It is a wonderful application of how perspective can play a trick on you!

Made out of Poly Stone, the vases have a great feel to them and come in Gray and White and two sizes are available, the smaller one is 9x9x2,5 cm deep and the larger one is 12x15x3 cm deep.

Absolutely wonderful!


Designer Gen Suzuki Origin Japan

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