NABO - TRAYS (Set of 3) by Normann Copenhagen


A beautifully designed set of trays
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The Danish designer Simon Legald has created a series of trays with a softly rounded silhouette and subtle details for Normann Copenhagen. Their design is clean and minimalist, in a friendly and naive expression. Nabo comes as a set of three trays of different sizes and colors.

The carefully considered details give each Nabo tray an individual character, and the variations among them make the series both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The large tray has openings at one end, making it easy, for example, to brush away crumbs, and water runs off easily when you rinse it. The middle tray is ideal for storing oils and spices, for example, while the high edges of the smallest make it into the ideal serving tray for glasses and bottles or as a bowl, for example, for popcorn or fruit, or even a bread basket.

Simon Legald says: "I got the idea for Nabo one day when I was sitting down, drawing different shapes. I like the fusion of round and square, and so I began to think about what type of product that form would be suitable for. This led me quickly to the idea of a tray. I thought it was interesting how you could vary the few elements of an archetypal tray to retain similarity while the expression changes - a bit like neighbours in a residential neighbourhood where the houses have the same basic shape, but windows, doors, gardens and décor are different. "

Nabo is made in melamine and available in three different color combinations - a dusty green, a rich red and classic grey version. The trays are dishwasher-safe, making them practical for everyday use.

Material: Melamine
Dimensions: H: 6,8 cm x L: 43,4 cm x 23,4 cm


Designer Simon Legald Brand Normann Copenhagen
Origin Denmark    

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