Unleash your inner samurai with this fabulous umbrella.
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To all of you not living in California: We feel for you. We hate the rain as much as you do, that’s why we moved here. The drizzle, the downpour, the constant drip drip drip. It’s nagging and not enjoyable. But don’t fret, that’s why we have this for you. For all of you who hate the rain as much as we do we have this unbelieably funny (some dare call it silly) umbrella with the handle that looks like it is a samurai sword.

It's a very solid one - not to be mistaken with the cheap, flimsy thing you got at the street corner. What makes it spezial is the typical samurai sword handle. When the umbrella is in its 'scabbard' and you dare to carry it on your back, the handle protrudes visibly, and you look like you are out to fight. Well, we guess that you can fight the rain in a way...

And when it's not in use, you can have it rest on your shrine. Or not...

All in all a brilliant idea that made us smile.

Design: Bruce Tharp
Material: nylon, steel, plastic, storage case included 
Dimensions: (when folded) 6 x 42 cm (when open) 97x68 cm DxH


Designer Materious Brand Kikkerland
Origin USA    

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