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The 'Smart Rope' by Tangram is an LED-embedded jump rope that communicates with your smart phone. This is the first active fitness wearable for the Smart Gym platform, designed around the user experience to incorporate active workout data. Rather than simply monitoring movement like most passive wearables, the Smart Rope incorporates the real, natural motion of jumping rope to accurately count jumps, track and recommend workout interval sessions, and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index (BMI).

What do the LEDs display?
At launch, Smart Rope displays the numbers of jumps you’ve completed as you work out. In future software updates, Smart Rope will display numbers based on the mode you’re using in the Smart Gym mobile app – calories burned, interval training data, and so on.

Smart Rope is powered by a high-quality lithium polymer battery, charged via micro-USB cable (the same cable that charges most smartphones, as well as other portable devices). Charge Smart Rope with your smartphone charger, or plug it into any powered USB port on your computer. Since most Smart Rope users will have access to micro-USB cables, this cable will not be included with Smart Rope. Smart Rope’s battery lasts for approximately 36 hours, or over 2 weeks of regular use. Smart Rope full charges in 2 hours over a standard smartphone charger or powered USB port.

Dimension: 3x15x3 cm WxHxD
  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Black
Rope Length:
  • XS : 228 cm (137 - 147 cm tall) - if not available: Request this size
  • S : 243 cm (152 - 163 cm tall) - if not available: Request this size
  • M : 258 cm (165 - 175 cm tall)
  • L : 274 cm (178 - 188 cm tall)
  • XL : 287 cm (191 - 201 cm tall) - if not available: Request this size
Bluetooth 4.0 LE, two-way communication with smartphone

23 X 5600K color temperature LED

Full charge in 2 hours, 36 hours of use, Lithium Polymer battery


Color Chrom Brand Tangram Factory
Origin South Korea    

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