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Simply the best air purifier we have come across
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When you open the fridge, does it emit a subtle yet undeniable smell that the little Arm&Hammer box just can't kill? How about your car, do you have one of those trees dangling from the mirror? Last question, how about your living room, are you hiding one of those air freshners somewhere behing a shelf or your sofa or under the table?

Good news: A) You don't have to answer. B) You can now get rid of all of those! Why, well, because of the little 5 cm cube that we have here. How? Read on:

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, Bamboo charcoal has a high capacity of absorbing odors and this little guy is made out of Bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. But it's the structure of the cube that makes it so spezial, the micro honeycomb structure basically turns its surface area to approximately the size of four football fields. Try fitting that size tree into your car... But seriously, this is completely chemical free, lasts for a very very long time, it's cleaned once every 6 months by exposing it to direct sunlight for a day – no kidding, and simply does and awesome job. Whether it's in the car, in the fridge, any closet, it works wonders, it really does!

Now here's what it won't do: it won't give off a scent, so if you are looking for that whiff of freshness, get a good Diptyque candle and have that take care of the scent part, other than that, this will do the rest! Oh, and, it works in small spaces, if you put one cube into your 3000sqft loft, it won't do much. But wonders in your car, closet, fridge, but we said that already, right?

Now get yourself a new pair of shoes with all the money you save on air fresheners…


Color black Brand Chikuno Life
Material Bamboo-Charcoal Origin Japan

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