Sanctuary4 - Charging Station by Bluelounge


A power nap for your devices...
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The Sanctuary4 by Bluelounge sports a powerful 4000 mA AC adapter and provides no output limits on the ports so you can fast charge multiple devices at the same time…

It's like a power nap for your devices. At 4000 mA you can fast charge 4 iPhones, or one iPad and two iPhones etc..
  • It's universal.. Works with all phones and tablets in the world
  • It's customizable (4 ports) so you can have all lightning connectors, or some 30 pin and some micro-USB. It's up to you.
  • It comes with one Micro-USB connector but you have to buy the others or use your own.
  • It has an awesome discreet and adjustable tablet stand. The metal bar you see at the back can be adjusted in Angle from below the tray and allows you to have the table with our without cases (even thick folios cases) and adjust the angle you are most comfortable with.
  • The tablet stand can be used with any connector (Micro-USB, 30 Pin, lightning, Samsung)
  • The AC adapter will come with US, EU, and UK plugs
Broad-spectrum chargers often leave tablets out to charge on their own. Sanctuary4 is designed with a discreet, versatile, angle-adjustable tablet stand built in, giving you a dedicated space to charge your tablet alongside your other devices, all in one place.

Materials and details:
  • Solid, heavy body from ABS+PC material
  • Available in Black and white
  • Rubber surface tray
Dimension: 23.4 x 23.4 x 8 cm or 9.2” x 9.2” x 3.2” WxDxH


Color Black & White Brand Bluelounge
Origin USA    

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