Sunflower Trivet Set by ToastLiving


3 super flexible and useful trivets
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Trivets! Can’t ever have enough of them!

This set is extra special cool: for one it contains three great colors (lightblue, pink, yellow). Then it is multi use (small or large). And lastly it completely changes it’s look in use.

If you need a small trivet, or a coaster use it in its small form, without extending it. Need a bigger trivet? Something for a pot or maybe a lasgna dish? Just hold the edges of the small square, turn it, and voila, you have a nice flower shaped trivet, ready to be used under a pot. And because it’s made out of silicone we don’t have to worry about how hot the pot is!

Last details: 22 cm diameter and 1 cm high or 8.6" and .39"


Brand Toast Living Origin Taiwan

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